Contact Lenses

A woman putting a contact lens in her eye

Everything You Need to Know About Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be lifesavers for people with vision issues or people who are just simply tired of their glasses. There are many different types of contact lenses on the market. While your eye doctor will lay out the best choices for you, knowing some information about contact lenses can make you feel more at ease. This guide contains basic knowledge about contact lenses.

Contact Lenses

How Often Should Contact Lenses Be Replaced?

There are many different types of contact lenses (discussed in the next section) and some need to be replaced faster than others. Some contacts are only suited for one-day use. Others can be worn for six months or longer. Here is a general guideline on contact lens replacement:

Daily Wear Lenses

These lenses are only suitable to be worn for less than 24 hours. After this they must be discarded and a new pair should be used the next day. Most daily wear lenses are soft contact lenses.

Extended Wear

These type of contact lenses can be worn day and night, even while sleeping. They are usually considered as weekly wear lenses. Weekly wear lenses, as the name suggests, are good for up to seven days. There are a few brands that are monthly wear lenses. Monthly wear lenses are good for up to 30 days.

Conventional Lenses

These contact lenses can be worn for six months to a year. These are the least popular types of lenses. They can be soft, hard, or any of the other types discussed below.

Popular Types of Contact Lenses

Disposable Soft

Disposable soft contact lenses the most popular types of lenses. They are made of a hydrogel material that is soft and comfortable. They are generally daily wear, weekly wear, or monthly wear lenses.


These contact lenses contain different power areas on one contact lens. This allows it to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or presbyopia all in one contact lens. Some can be used for astigmatism.


With monovision lenses, the left contact lens will be set to see a far distance and the right will be set to see a closer distance. The brain makes the adjustment for both eyes to see an equal distance, correcting the wearer’s vision.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP)

These lenses are made from a hard plastic material and allows the eye to “breathe” more. They potentially have less bacteria than disposable contacts and last longer than them also. However, they aren’t very popular due to their cost.


The first contact lenses were hard lenses. They used to be made from glass but now they are made from Plexiglass. These contacts lenses aren’t very popular because of general discomfort associated with them.

Shapes of Contact Lenses


This shape of contact lense is exactly what it sounds like. It is a perfectly round sphere that is used to correct conditions like myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia. The power of the lens is the same over the entire contact lens.


Toric lenses are used to correct astigmatism. They have special cylindrical shapes and adjust to correct the warp in the eye that causes astigmatism.

Final Tips

The price of contact lenses is a big factor in most people’s decision. The price of contact lenses varies extensively and it isn’t always best to just get the cheapest one. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of contact lens solution. Contact lens solution varies as much as contacts, but it’s something that you’ll need a lot of as a contact lens wearer. Finally, you can save money by purchasing online contact lenses. You usually can get a much better deal for online contact lenses.